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You can help preserve the Sun Inn and local history by making a donation today and becoming part of the “Inn Crowd.”  The operation and maintenance of the Sun Inn is supported by the charity of its members and volunteers. The Sun Inn Preservation Association pays taxes and is not supported financially by the city of Bethlehem.

A donation to the Sun Inn makes you a member of the Sun Inn Preservation Association, also known as the “Inn Crowd.”


Inn Crowd Membership Benefits

  • Sun Inn tour privileges for themselves and family based on membership level
  • Tavern at the Sun Inn reward membership (discounted dining)
  • Invitations to special events, such as the holiday reception and special Christmas City Distillery tasting socials.
  • Gratis admission to the lecture series
  • Special member rates for Sun Inn bus trips

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For over 250 years the Sun Inn has been the location the location of choice for a casual dinner, a special night out or any occasion to get together with others. Steeped in history, it is a unique and inviting destination for locals and visitors alike.